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Superfoods are your new superheroes!

February 27, 2016

Superfoods are your new superheroes!

Superfoods have overrun grocery shelves, wellness blogosphere and we've our pantries are stocked with whichever superfood we can get our hands on. 
They promise radiant skin, a flat belly and a disease free, healthy life. 
While research is still ongoing to gage the correct benefits, the age old wonders remain a favourite. However, there are some underrated superfoods that deserve special mention and are worth their price in the market.
Lets see the current favourites:


Brazil Nut

These nuts are less easily available in India but they can pack quite a punch- nutritionally. Loaded with heart healthy fats, moderate consumption of Brazil nuts could help lower cholesterol, boost satiety and improve heart health. Be careful because they are quite calorie dense and have more saturated fat than the others so less is more.

Goji Berry

Used in traditional Chinese medicine for their healing properties and high antioxidant content, goji berries are nutritional powerhouses. Loaded with iron, fiber, low gi sugars and vitamin B and C. Researchers cant say for certain whether they will fight heart disease or help beat cancer but eating them regularly will definitely help reduce the likelihood of inflammation and disease. Oh and these babies are absolutely delicious!


Pecan Nuts

Marketed heavily in the US for their ability to regulate cholesterol levels and bring down LDL, some people use it as an alternative to statins. Some food manufacturing companies are touting it as a heart healthy superfood. They make incredibly tasty pecan pies but if you aren't feeling decadent you can always chop a few into your morning bowl of cereal.


Matcha lattes anyone? Most premium coffee shops have started selling matcha lattes, iced teas and matcha based desserts. Matcha originates from Japan and is powdered from green tea leaves. Matcha has had superfood status and is here to stay because of all the catechins, antioxidants that boost immunity, promote longevity and help fight disease. We say you buy the apparatus to prepare matcha to reap the benefits. For the uninitiated you could  start drinking almond mylk matcha lattes that look and taste absolutely delicious.

Pumpkin seeds

These green seeds are given to those with magnesium deficiencies and people who consume them often report less fatigue and less muscle cramps at night. Rich sources of ALA or plant based omegas, they make for a great vegetarian substitute to fish oil or fatty fish. Some researchers believe that small portions of these seeds help lower the glycemic load of a meal, preventing blood sugar spikes and resulting in better blood sugar regulation and less oxidative stress. Sprinkle some onto your oatmeal, chia pudding or add some to your salad everyday to reap the benefits.

Medicinal mushrooms

Used traditionally in Chinese Medicine, medicinal mushrooms have been making waves in the wellness blogosphere for their immune boosting benefits. Researchers found anti cancer properties that would help inhibit tumour growth and prevent inflammation in the blood and bones. This powerful elixir can be consumed as a tonic to cleanse the liver and detoxify the body or it can be drunk as tea with appropriate condiments to make it palatable. I personally love to drink these in winter when I've got a cold coming on as it nips it in the bud.