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Our Honest Story

As little kiddos, we were always asked to speak nothing but the truth. When a pinky swear was enough to prove one’s innocence. Down the line, getting farther away from those simpler days, it now seems almost impossible to chance upon anything as true.

But what if, there’s something as natural as honesty being delightfully different. Hey, don’t take our word for it, it’s for you to say.

A delicious range of snacks made with 100% real vegetables, To Be Honest Crunchies is honesty you could bite into. They’re made with vacuum-cooked technology that retains their natural colour, nutrients and fibre content of the raw vegetables. What’s more is that To Be Honest uses 50% less oil compared to other deep-fried chips, making indulgence a bit more tasty. 

So, in case you’re wondering if there’s actually something made with oodles of love and honesty, which you can enjoy with all your friends and family, you’re on the right page. 

Meet the Honest Bunch

 Mayank Gupta

Mayank Gupta has worked extensively in renewable energy and has 4 years of consulting experience. An alumni of IIM Lucknow and Delhi College of Engineering, he co-founded TBH and handles the overall operations. A lot of our bottlenecks are dealt with by his application of experiential knowledge. Being an IIM graduate in Finance, he deals with the complicated tax laws of our country and hopefully will keep us Scot Free. 


Ritika Agrawal

Ritika Agrawal has a degree in Business from Delhi University and an MBA from University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. After slaving in various large corporations for almost 9 years, she now wears many hats and manages the Marketing, Social Media, Business Development and Sales. Her enthusiasm and relentlessness to get every lead closed and every process down perfect, keeps the team and the office on their toes. She helps in making sure we don't take ourselves too seriously and continue being the young enterprise we are. 


 Anuj Ghanghoria

Anuj Ghanghoria
 is a pass out from IIT (ISM), Dhanbad who has taken up the path of an entrepreneur. Soon after graduation, he started up a food delivery startup in Bangalore which exposed him to the plethora of operational and management challenges shaping him into a problem solver. He works hard to keep the engines running at TBH and deals with any operational bottlenecks.