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Much ado about breakfast

February 27, 2016

Much ado about breakfast

I live for breakfast and often its my first thought as soon as I wake up every morning. I look forward to a steaming hot latte, some cereal and eggs but let’s face it eating the same thing day in and day out can get pretty monotonous and boring.

The advocates of the breakfast club feel very strongly about having this first thing upon waking because it gives your metabolism a boost, wakes you up and makes you feel alert.

Here are a few of my favourite brekkie options when you are bored of eggs and coffee for breakfast-


Banana pancakes

This brekkie favourite doesn’t come from a store-bought package and isn’t processed in the least. It’s a real godsend for busybodies who often make excuses and skip breakfast but grab a lattte on your way to work.
All it takes is a dollop of coconut oil, 2 eggs and a banana and voila you’ve got yourself drool-worthy banana pancakes even Jack Johnson would approve of.

Smoothie bowls

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would know that smoothie bowls are all the rage worldwide and people are being very experimental with the toppings. I make myself a nourishing bowl a few times every week and alternate between a green, chocolate or berry bowl. The options for toppings on one of these are endless but my favourites are bananas, chia, bee pollen, coconut flakes, dark chocolate, rawnola or paleo granola. Also, the prettiest breakfasts by far that will have you snapchatting and instagramming your brekkie before you eat it.  Best way to get immunity boosting, cancer fighting, belly flattening foods into one meal- we say it’s a win win situation.


Chia pudding


Popularized by Instagram bloggers and yoginis in 2014 and 2015, typically chia puddings are soaked overnight in milk or non dairy mylk and topped with berries and edible berries. These tiny but mighty seeds that originated from the Aztecs are rich sources of protein, fiber, omega 3 and heart healthy fatty acids. A bowl of chia pudding can help boost satiety, regularize your blood sugar levels and could also lower cholesterol levels. The high fiber content in these seeds means you can beat belly bloat as it helps keep you regular.


Bulletproof coffee

This crazy concoction was popularized by Silicon Valley Executive Dave Asprey on his travels to Tibet where he discovered yak butter tea. He felt like he had more energy, improved cognitive abilities and brain function and didn’t get jitters associated with caffeine. Typically bulletproof coffee uses premium grade coffee, MCT Oil or coconut oil and grass fed butter. Albeit a high calorie beverage, this is absolutely delicious when blended well with vanilla and cinnamon and makes for a good substitute for breakfast. 


Buckwheat pancakes

There’s good news for those of you going gluten free- you can still enjoy gluten free versions of pancakes and waffles which are healthy and delicious. Buckwheat, also called kuttu in india. It is an inexpensive grain high in protein and readily available at most grocers and supermarkets. Albeit a little heavier than flour, it makes for a iron packed breakfast and a particularly great post workout meal. Really easy to whip up and absolutely delicious, I suggest you try a few batches for your family this weekend.