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Top 5 Healthy Diet Swaps

April 04, 2016

Top 5 Healthy Diet Swaps

We all face the problem of giving up what we love. It may be sweets, carbs or a lot of good cheese, its never easy to give your guilty pleasures up.

Instead of totally giving up on the things you love binging on, its better to swap the unhealthiness with healthier alternatives. Instead of having a chocolate bar, you could have some fruit. This will promote a more natural diet while giving you the sweetness you desire.

Why swapping?
Lets you start small: Choose what swap works for you, incorporate it in your lifestyle and see if it works.  
Once you find a good swap, use it as much as you like.

Build on Existing Behaviour: Starting or stopping a habit is a tough task. 
However, build on pre-existing habits as these are easier to amend and take forward.

Our top 5 Healthy Swaps:
        1. White Sugar –
Possibly, the worst form of sugar, contains no essential nutrients, proteins, vitamins or minerals. 
A good swap would be Maple Syrup or Honey. Maple Syrup contains calcium, iron, zinc, and Manganese. 
Honey contains Vitamin B and Vitamin C.  Being sweeter than sugar, use a small amount and be on your way, healthier and cleaner. 

        2. Salt – 

          Salt contains a lot of Sodium, which could lead to high blood pressure and should be consumed in moderation. To enhance flavours, add a few exotic herbs.
If you prefer a spicy kick, try chilli flakes (contain zero calories). Some other alternative herbs that can be used are – Basil, Thyme, Oregano etc. 

        3. Butter – 

          For everyday use, replace butter with an Avocado and you have suddenly done yourself a great deed. The same amount of smashed avocado contains 1/8th the amount of calories than butter. If Avocados aren’t around, try using Olive Oil or Canola. 

        4. Ice Cream –
Don’t we all love ice cream? I’s sure we do. It may surprise you but mashed Frozen Bananas are delectable too. Mash one up with strawberries and maple syrup and you have a healthy, wholesome and creamy treat to enjoy. To give it a more exotic twist, dip a frozen banana in melted dark chocolate and sprinkle some shredded coconut.

        5. Candy –
Another common weakness which can be substituted with fruits. Fruits are sweet and full of fibre. A chilled watermelon with some pepper tastes amazing as a post workout cooler.